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Hilltopper Haven | WKU Hilltopper Basketball | 1,000 Point Club - Hilltopper Haven | WKU Hilltopper Basketball

1,000 Point Club

Jim McDaniels 2,238 81 27.6
Courtney Lee 2,238
Ralph Crosthwaite 2,076 103 20.1
Tom Marshall 1,909 100 19.1
Brett McNeal 1,856 120 15.5
Johnny Britt 1,765 103 17.1
Kannard Johnson 1,738 126 13.8
Anthony Winchester 1,732
Clem Haskins 1,680 76 22.1
Bobby Rascoe 1,670 80 20.9
Chris Robinson 1,656 120 13.0
Courtney Lee 1,529
Art Spoelstra 1,510 92 16.4
Charlie Osborne 1,359 80 17.0
Craig McCormick 1,354 113 12.0
Tellis Frank 1,323 122 10.8
Darel Carrier 1,318 69 19.1
Chuck Rawlings 1,314 102 12.9
Tony Wilson 1,305 113 11.5
Wayne Chapman 1,292 79 16.3
Roland Shelton 1,269 122 10.4
Darnell Mee 1,253 91 13.8
Mike Wells 1,245
Forest “Frosty” Able 1,221 86 14.2
Bobby Jones 1,211 114 10.6
Owen Lawson 1,206 77 15.7
Michael Fraliex 1,205 120 10.0
David Boyden 1,167 125 9.3
Dwight Smith 1,142 78 14.6
Jim Rose 1,133 81 14.0
Jack Turner 1,123 106 10.6
Mike Prince 1,120 113 9.0
Darrin Horn 1,115 125 8.9
Chris Marcus 1,113 79 14.1
Bob Lavoy 1,071 66 16.2
Bobby Jackson 1,060 72 14.7
Derek Robinson 1,038 117 8.9
Gene Rhodes 1,029 115 8.9
Carlyle Towery 1,010 76 13.3
Bob Daniels 1,010 97 10.9
Don “Duck” Ray 1,006 - -
John Oldham 1,006 101 10.0
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